For me, the thrill & excitement of searching & collecting all started with the collection of my baseball trading cards that I would keep safe under my bed. The excitement grew into a personal game.. or more of a challenge.. that my friends and I called “ground scores”. Ground scoring is the simple act of searching the ground and your surroundings at all times for items. You’d be surprised what you might find, especially at a concert or a festival.  Ground scores have given me everything from floor tickets to the 50th Grateful Dead show in Chicago when I went to the show ticket-less to bungMy babygirl and meee cords just about every time I forget mine at home. My favorite time to ground score is when my family and I are late getting somewhere and I see a treasure on the side of the road. My wife LOVES when I throw in a U-Turn just to get my great find... or maybe a beat up and ran over backpack. Can't win them all, right??

On a personal level, I am a 43-year old full time father of an almost 13-year old..  Let's just say things are starting to get "fun".  It's been a tough road figuring things out on my own as a single dad, but its been her and I since the beginning and I wouldn't change that for anything.  She's my world.  My wife, Tia, and I are both from Emporium, PA, Iocated in the middle of nowhere, just how we like it.  I met my wife about 10 years ago, although it took me 5 years to get her to even look my way.  I'm always up for a challenge, so giving up is not part of my vocabulary.  The persisKarmen, my wife, and metence eventually worked and I somehow talked her into marrying me.  We live about 15 minutes outside of the city of Pittsburgh, PA in a little suburb called White Oak.  Our 2 Red Heelers (Australian Cattle Dogs) love keeping us in check and herding us to where THEY want us to go.  Concerts and festivals are one of my happy places.  Nothing better than moving and grooving to the beat of some Grateful Dead or the Allman Brothers.

I've always had an eye for finding a treasure in the mud and it has deemed a gift time and time again. I've finally found my calling, and not only is it keeping my family financially stable,

Our 2 Red Heelers (Althea Blue & Cooper Cameron)

but I am also able to offer amazing items to the community and to our customers at extremely discounted prices.  I still think to myself-- Is this actually a dream of mine that is coming true? I'm just Chris Wright-- a Dead Head from Emporium, PA that was in trouble his entire childhood. How could all of this be MY business? But, I've worked extremely hard to get to where I am today. Raising my daughter, Karmen, on my own with full custody as a single parent, working full time as a Union Carpenter Foreman, and barely making ends meet. I deserve this and I promise that I will share my future ground scores with all of you. And we are always up for a challenge, so if you have a specific piece of furniture or a specific item that you are looking for, please contact us so that we can do our best to locate what you are seeking.